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MacOS/iOS Engineer

Work with world class Mac and iOS devs to build elegant software. This is a job that requires marrying SwiftUI with a web backend and a variety of emerging tools and technologies. You’ll transform proof-of-concept code implementations into robust production code and code libraries, with an eye toward speed and maintainability. You should love crafting elegant, well-documented solutions to thorny problems.


-Work with the team on building a new web application from the ground up in a fast-paced startup environment. -Lead work in building a native MacOS image editor


  • Expertise in Swift, SwiftUI : 3+ years of experience in Swift UI or other MacOS/iOS development frameworks.
  • Shipping quality user interfaces: You work closely with the rest of the team to craft beautiful user experiences with both quality and speed in mind. You write clean and maintainable code that can scale over time.
  • Eye for UI and UX : Working closely with designers, you have a good eye for crafting user interfaces with attention to detail. You should bring a point of view.
  • Problem-solving: You approach problems holistically and in a self-guided manner. You can identify solutions independently, and take initiative in solving unforeseen problems.
  • Empathetic communication and collaboration skills: You communicate effectively with the entire team, working closely with designers and engineers. You enjoy collaborating in a fast-paced cross-disciplinary creative environment with lots of give and take.


  • You have experience with full stack development across Node.js/Python/Google Cloud and Docker.
  • You have experience with server communication using gRPC or OpenAPI
  • You have experience with testing frameworks and automated testing tools.
  • You have experience working with Generative AI models including DALLE2, Stable Diffusion.
  • You love animation

What tech stack will you be working with?

Our application is being built for MacOS using SwiftUI and with a backend hosted in the cloud running various technologies such as NodeJS and python.

Do I have to have long AI experience to apply?

No. While everything we're building involves AI, many of the hard problems we're aiming to solve involve UI/UX and managing creative workflows. As many of the tools and techniques around AI are new, we don't expect you to have long experience. Our ideal co-workers are curious and a willingness to learn new things.


Please send us your resume and any of the following that apply: GitHub profile, Dribbble account, Twitter handle, blog URL, etc. (Anything that helps us learn more about what makes you tick.) Most important, send us a note telling us about what work you're most proud of, and excited about, and what you'd like to accomplish next.

Be sure to include: your expected salary range, reference contacts, and your earliest possible start date.

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